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About The Manhattan WATER Company

The Manhattan Company was originally established in 1799 by former Vice President Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. An Epidemic of yellow fever broke out in New York and killed thousands. With the blame going to the unsanitary water supply The Manhattan Company was created to provide the homes and offices with a clean and safe water supply.

Today The Manhattan Water Company follows those same traditions set forth then, to provide the homes and offices of New York with fresh pure healthy drinking water. With ever increasing demand from the public about clean drinking water, bottled Water service has reached new heights. Speculation as to the qualities and integrity of many water companies are compromised and scrutinized once exposed. The seal of The Manhattan Water Company can remind our loyal customers of the excellence in quality and service that they have all grown to expect from us and not others. Our understanding that fresh water is a necessity and a limited natural resource humbles us to provide our customers with the freshest water at the most affordable prices so all people and pets can feel the difference. We take a lot of pride in our Spring Reserve Brand of spring water and the way we bring it to our customers.

Here at The Manhattan Water Company we don’t just deliver our Spring Reserve Brand of spring water, we are involved in the water industry on a much larger scale. From manufacturing water coolers in the most innovative fashions, biodegradable packaging, private label business, new age products to developing and protecting springs all over the East Coast. As you review this site you will get a better understanding of the products and services we provide and how to get involved.

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