Our Eco Initiatives and Sustainability Commitments

Our beliefs, initiatives and commitments to sustainability.
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Eco Initiatives and Sustainability Commitments

There are some real issues facing our environment today and for every company there are different areas in which they can help. For The Manhattan Water Company one of the biggest environmental issues facing our industry is the packaging aspect of bottled water. The public is crying out about packaging crowding landfills and creating tons of waste. Here at The Manhattan Water Company we are involved in developing and utilizing bio packaging that makes a difference.

So what else are we doing? We have added a premium brand of water named TÊR Natural Spring Water. TÊR water is packaged in a bottle that will Return To Nature when your done with it. All of our 5 and 3 gallon jugs are reusable. We do not sell any other brand of water. Our warehouse is continuously upgrading its technology to create a no waste zone. We are taking advantage of new green vehicles that keep coming onto the market. It is understood that our customers can only purchase what is available to them so we are going to make sure that here at The Manhattan Water Company we have available eco friendly products for our customers to choose from.

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