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All waters are not the same. Water is a natural product of our earth. And wherever the water comes from it will retain the qualities of its underground source. A variety of factors will determine the taste of different spring waters such as minerals present, water temperature, water pressure and other ground qualities that exist in an underground aquifer. As well as the way we pull it from the earth such as bottled at source and not bottled at source.

Here at The Manhattan Water Company we harvest our natural spring water high up in the Catskill and Adirondack mountains of New York State. But people still ask where does the water come from? It is called the great Hydrologic Cycle. This is Mother Nature’s way of restoring water into the proper places so everything on our earth can exist. Water everywhere is evaporated by the sun and will rise into the sky. Once reaching high in the sky the water cools into clouds and then falls as rain to the earth to continue it’s never ending cycle.

Our thorough water quality standards help us make sure that you will enjoy the same crisp, delicious water every time you take a sip as a fresh rain drop to the earth. Our water is also bottled at the source to reinforce our great commitment to quality and purity. We also take great care that our water use reflects our commitment to sustainable and environmentally sound business unlike other companies that milk the earth for whatever it can spare.

We believe our spring and bottling processes and our dedication to giving customers the most refreshing spring water possible are what give The Manhattan Water Company’s water its remarkable quality and consistently great taste.

Our Water is real natural spring water bottled at the source not tanked around, or from a municipal supply or a tap and our customers know where there water comes from when they drink water from The Manhattan Water Company.

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